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Talking about everything
So 2017 has been... an interesting year in the realm of YouTube, and the wider internet. Interesting doesn't always mean good, and in this case it definitely does. I've been trying to keep an eye on everything that's going on and do as much research as possible. And things... don't look good. There's... kind of a war... going on between YouTube, big companies (the advertisers), and YouTube Content Creators.
We've seen the inklings of this beginning in 2016. You may have heard of the controveries, like YouTube Heroes... where they decided to trust commenters to flag "negative videos" to earn the ability to mass flag videos. And YouTube trusted the commenters so much that they shut down the comments section on the Welcome to YouTube Heroes video. Soon after this, they started de-monitizing videos that had "controversial content" that advertisers apparently didn't like... even if that controversial content was the same topics covered by the traditional news media that they had no p
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 46 65
What I'm working on
Okay, so a quick update of my own goings on at the moment.
My next review is going to be an Admirable Animation of Animal Crossing: The Movie. I hope. I'm using the Silhouetted Productions fandub of it. However, there's a bit of a problem. In the videos that I've found, I've tried to undo what was done so they could get around copyright, but that only results in the overall quality of the video being worse. I've also tried to take the audio of the dub and place it over video of the Japanese version, but... that's not how dubbing works. At all. It creates all kind of weird de-syncs. If someone could help me get in direct contact with the people who made the fan-dub, that would be fantastic. Or at the very least, a way for me to get their dubbed version of the movie at full quality. I did legally purchase the DVD myself. I own it and I can prove it. It is imperative to getting this review to work.
So... let's talk about my health problems, and how fun they are. Recently I ha
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 22 26
Des Uushul
Oop! Since the start of this week, I've been on Spring Break-- a few weeks earlier than the rest of my family, sadly-- but even so, I am having that usual run of the Motivation Block again. It's nothing more than me being self-conscious of uploading certain things or when I should execute a certain idea, as I have many planned already. But I feel I may just be flooding everybuddy with stuff they don't need to see right now.
At the same time, I must remind myself constantly, do I really need to have the confirmation of others to draw what I want?
. . . Mew, you're not thinking about Chrom again, are you?
( J; <; )J *uwegheh...!!*
That being said, I'm not exactly doing nothing as I'm typing this. For anyone snooping as usual on my Tumblr or elsewhere, you'd notice I've been working on something that requires a huge amount of my time, and I hope to share it here as soon as it's done! So, maybe look forward to that, at least? :D
I just wan
:iconmewkwota:MewKwota 3 40
Mercy by sakamina Mercy :iconsakamina:sakamina 741 9 Mercy by MW-Magister Mercy :iconmw-magister:MW-Magister 1,349 26 Mercy by TastesLikeAnya Mercy :icontasteslikeanya:TastesLikeAnya 874 13 Looking for Vengeance by Rowye Looking for Vengeance :iconrowye:Rowye 204 61
Now then~ Homework's done! Midterm for this week done! Finger is feeling better!
And Fire Emblem Heroes is out for the US finally!
So I'll probably be busy playing that, ufufu...!! ( * <*)
Just letting everybuddy know the know-know. :heart:
My good friend over Tumblr keeps hyping me for Roy since this morning, too.
:iconmewkwota:MewKwota 1 32
Meet the Artist by ElbenherzArt Meet the Artist :iconelbenherzart:ElbenherzArt 96 46 Commission_WonderWoman HarleyQuinn by KaelNgu Commission_WonderWoman HarleyQuinn :iconkaelngu:KaelNgu 152 5 wave portrait... by stupid93 wave portrait... :iconstupid93:stupid93 280 25



It's All Ogre Now...
They really fucked up...


MegaMan (before he becomes MegaMan) looks like a fuckboy, and it's also no surprise he sounds almost exactly like the guy who did Geo Stelar/MegaMan from the MegaMan Star Force anime, not sure yet if it is. Either way, they weren't fucking with us when they said it was for kids; even MegaMan Star Force took turns into dark themes and dark humor, with jokes I would easily consider mildly in appropriate for the target age group, but this show...this show...I guess we'll have to just wait and see...
Roman Auxiliary (Rough Sketch)
I feel like this one was done way better than the first. The archer is positioned farther away, but since there is no background (yet) it would be harder to draw to that conclusion. There are some mistakes like the size of the shield (should be larger) but overall I think it looks really good. Something I never realized before was how Roman archers look extremely similar to knights of the Middle Ages.
Ancient Soldiers (Rough Sketch)
I know there are a few errors here but some are because the pencil I was using is not very sharp unfortunately. Anyway, I am planning to create a series of these drawings, starting here with the Ancient Assyrians, the first civilization to use helmets in combat. I didn't want to make it look bad incredibly realistic because that would take a really long time, so I took an approach similar to the style of the Civilization Revolution series style. I'll probably do the Romans or the Greeks next, probably the Romans because they were the more standard and more important in basically everything in the world today, especially warfare. But for now, this is a very rough sketch of some Assyrian Soldiers, armor reflective of the Bronze Age, or around 1500 B.C.
Star Force MegaMan Has Red Eyes?
I was looking at some old DS models through Models Resource the other day, and I discovered that underneath the visor in the game they actually bothered putting in texture for the eyes that you could pretty much never see without actually ripping the thing, pasting it online, and viewing it through the complicated process of transfer. I saw Harp Note's eyes and they were normal (teal blue-green color) but when I came to MegaMan, that was not the case... In the show and the game his eyes were ALWAYS brown, not chestnut-brown to almost dark red as shown here in the model. This is present with almost all variations of MegaMan but a few exceptions to whatever this is, a mistake, inaccurate texturing, etc. do exist. Anyway, I just found it weird and interesting that even normal MegaMan has dark red eyes, and texture for the eyes alone.
The New MegaMan Cartoon is Actually a Ripoff
From what we know about the "new" MegaMan cartoon coming in 2017, and I quote from Capcom: "The new animated Mega Man series will follow Aki Light – a normal, upbeat, and above all optimistic young school-aged robot living in Silicon City. He soon learns that deep within his programming are secret protocols that allow him to transform – giving him nanocore armor, a Mega Buster, and the iconic helmet to turn him into a superhero!" Now the show itself is not a bad concept (the art is another story...) it is actually ripping off MegaMan Star Force, AND MegaMan NT Warrior. Both of the aforementioned shows have children, in 5th and 4th grade respectively who through various causes (accidentally merging with an alien and getting gifted your dead brother brought back to life in digital form respectively) become heroes who save the world through doing various righteous actions, make friends, stop some bad evil force, etc. Those two shows, premiering in 2002 and 2006 respectively both are being ripped off by the new show. At least MegaMan Star Force was different in that the character was a little older, had a different personality (became a shut in after his father was presumed dead in a spaceship accident) and he has a reasonable bad outlook of the world initially, versus NT Warrior being about a kid and his friends saving the world from Doctor Willy and eventually an organization that dishes out materials as a euphemism for drugs and alcohol. Then again, j don't know what to expect from this show, so looks like we are once again forced to wait another year for something to happen...
I think I'm going to start a series about rare, underrated, and obscure music. I'm going to start out with Frankie Valli, and three of the Four Seasons albums; "Chameleon" (1972), "Soul/Heaven Above Me," (1980), and "Streetfighter" 1985). All of the titles and the dates are going to say a lot about be music, except the first; it comes with a bit of backstory. The Four Seasons were the only band that was popular before the Beatles, and after. I'm serious. The only successful band before and after the British Invasion during the mid-to-late 1960's. After that, the Four Seasons explored new areas to try and pioneer in. "Chameleon" is a soul album. Back then, it was met with mediocre and lukewarm response, though it became popular in Britain, and essentially started the Northern Soul movement in places like Scotland and northern England. Today it is very positively acclaimed, contrary to 1972. Next is "Soul/Heaven Above Me," which was their late foray into disco. By 1980 most people hated disco I guess, because apparently the stereotype now is that they were all gay and that they stood up for gay and civil rights and other nonsense trash. The truth is, they wanted to destroy a bunch of records at a baseball game, and that's seriously where it started. However, where they were destroyed, rock became popular. Pioneers like The Cars (I'll get to them next time) made some rocking tunes all the way back in 1978. Gradually, electric guitars, synths and drums became all the rave, and that's where #3 comes in; "Streetfighter" (1985). Just imagine the Rocky IV album and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, because that's exactly what it sounds like, an awesome movie and soundtrack, and an awesome band (which should've actually happened in my opinion). Thad all there is to it. I'll cover more of it in the review, but basically since then Valli has been on tour, constantly. He says that he gets sick when he's not on tour, and claimed it to be "like drugs for him," so all kudos to the now-81 year-old Rock and Roll hall-of-famer, Frankie Valli, who's still on-tour as I write this article.


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Vincenzo DiBisceglie
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United States
I'm an Italo-Peruano guy; I like old cars, old video games, older music, and old outdated electronics. I occasionally draw in my free time, but life is hectic and busy, so I usually do not have time to draw and practice. I do find time here and there to pause, take in the sights, sounds, smells, all the senses and just let it out through the arts.

I have a special respect for people who can draw and animate on the computer because I have always drawn by hand; it comes natural, but a mouse and keyboard has not come off quite as easily.


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